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A popularized combat sport utilizing punches with head movement, footwork, angles, and combinations


Also known as the "art of eight limbs" that teaches you how to use kicks, punches, elbows, and knees as weapons.


A Japanese grapple art altered for smaller people to defeat larger opponents


Designed to increase your overall strength and endurance through circuit training/weight lifting


About Us

Martial Masters Academy trains athletes and individuals who are looking to achieve their fitness goals, perfect their fighting skills, and protect themselves from harm. We offer Martial Arts classes, Bootcamp classes, and Youth Martial Arts classes that encourage proper form and doing your best. From fighters to stay-at-home moms, we greet every member with a welcoming, high-energy atmosphere to create the best experience here at Martial Masters Academy.

Our gym focuses on an intellectual approach to fighting where we put emphasis on the smallest details and make the biggest difference in one's combat skills. This has resulted in making our gym a home for people who deeply desire to grow themselves and challenge their body and mind everyday. Our coaches are devoted to watching EVERY single member achieve their goals and become better people in the gym and outside the gym.

Our Programs

Image by Klim Musalimov

From boxing or kickboxing, we mix cardio and resistance training for a full body workout in 60 minutes.

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You can take any and every class we offer throughout the week. Want to box? Come in. Want to do two a days? Hop in! Grow as fast as you want!

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We know it's not easy to train by yourself. Bring in a friend with you to class and receive a free private session with our Coaches

(up to a $70 value) 

Valerie Voss

"Love this gym! All the coaches are friendly and knowledgeable. You can tell they are passionate about what they do. I was completely new to martial arts when I started coming here and I never once felt intimidated or as if I didn't belong..."
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