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Muay Thai

Master the Science of 8 Limbs

This ancient war art focuses on using the whole body as a weapon to throw devastating blows to the enemy or opponent. Muay Thai will teach the basic fundamentals of striking, defending with the use of hands, shins/feet, knees, and elbows.

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Master The Sweet Science

Boxing is a combat sport utilizing only two hands to strike and your whole body to create different angles of attack and defense. This class focuses on basic boxing techniques from footwork to basic punching combinations. 

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Advanced Boxing

The Next Level of Sweet Science

This class focuses on advanced tactics, technique, and strategies that include advanced mitt work, inside fighting, southpaw tactics, advanced footwork and angles. Students who have trained 6 or more months of boxing are welcomed.


Advanced Muay Thai

The Next Level of the Science of 8 Limbs

Advanced Muay Thai focuses on advanced tactics, technique, and strategies that include clinch tactics, sweeps, counter, advanced fakes and setups. There is also light technical sparring involved. Students who have trained 6 or more months of muay thai are welcomed.


Sparring Classes
(Invite Only)

Test your skills

It is an invitation only class. Students who would like to be invited to the sparring classes must be a part of our program for 4 weeks. In our sparring classes, we perform drills with the fight team to develop skills without injuring each other. Our sparring classes have strict safety protocols to ensure our fighters get the best training without risking injury. 

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Improve your overall strength and endurance

Our Bootcamp program is an intense full body fitness system that is guaranteed to produce results. We focus on proper form and functionality of the human body through intense training that includes; muscular strength, HIIT, cardiovascular endurance, speed and agility.

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Enter the Gentle Art

Originated from Japan, this grapple art was altered in Brazil for smaller people to defeat larger opponents. Brazilian jiu jitsu is the art of choice that requires more technique and intelligence and less brute strength and speed. Our program offers Gi and No Gi. Affiliated under Fabiano Scherner Jiu Jitsu.

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