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I have been boxing for 4 1/2 years, last 2 years with Evi and my technique, speed and power has increased multiple fold. Because of him, I'm sharper, more focused, able to dodge shots more reactively, and smoother in my punches. He's able to decipher down movement analysis and hone in on where you need to be better and this is why he is the best boxing coach in Portland.

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An absolutely phenomenal gym! All of the coaches are not only kind, fun, awesome people but also incredibly good at what they do. They care about every member of the gym, and want to help everyone reach their goals (anywhere from general fitness to competing professionally).

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It's a very welcoming, diverse school. There's a great sense of community and fun, but the students all train hard and are not there to just mess around. The coaches' expertise at Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, and Fitness are top notch, and they are constantly working to improve themselves and their programs.



I have never felt like I have had this much power, speed, head movement and defence ever in my years of training mma on the side. I love this place all my heart



What an incredible value! This friendly, positive, safe gym provides a boxing and/or muay thai workout for students of various ages and abilities. The classes combine both enjoyment and skill development. YOU ALSO get the added bonus of training tips from Eevie and his staff.



I have been so impressed with this gym! I was a bit nervous to take up muay thai and boxing as a woman, worried there would be gender stereotypes, but everyone is treated equal and it has been amazing!

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